Who is Kim Granatell?

8 Jul

Who in the world is RHNJ’s Kim Granatell?  In a show that has deteriorated into a series of predictable confrontations and street brawls Kim G. is the about the only unanswered question Bravo still has to capitalize on.  Kim G. is the sister-in-law of Kim D.  and the unlikely companion of Danielle Staub.  The fact that the these two women seem to be playing both sides of the fence is interesting enough.  The fact that Kim herself is a contradiction is intriguing.  The first time I saw her on The Real Housewives of New Jersey she reminded me of a Beverly Hills wife.  She had the upswept blond hair, the diamond earrings, clothing and demeanor that would place her in the “ladies who lunch” crowd.  But she was introduced into the show as a friend of Danielle, who in my opinion, looks like a member of the “broads who snort cocaine” crowd.  When I first saw Kim G. I immediately thought of the old show The Beverly Hillbillies.  I saw visions of Milburn Drysdale’s wife plastering a smile on her well moisturized face to hide the shock of dealing with her uncouth neighbors.  Maybe she was just trying to help Danielle, be a good neighbor, show her how polite society behaves.  The image began to shatter a bit when her driver let her out of the car at the Brownstone, for the charity event featured on the show, and a bevy of Hell’s Angels were waiting for her.  Even Mrs. Drysdale wouldn’t go that far to placate a friend.  Then came the shock of seeing this middle-aged pseudo-sophisticated woman on a stripper pole in thigh high boots.  Unfortunately, I shall never forget the unsettling sight of it.  In last week’s episode Kim spends most of the Posche fashion show encouraging Danielle to act like a lady.  But this occurs after she arrives to pick her up for the event in a dress that looked more like a shirt.  The micro-mini was accompanied by spiky boots, and once again it was an uncomfortable image of a woman who is old enough to know those days are over.  So while we wait for the conclusion of last week’s episode, here is a peek at Kim Granatell:  



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